Saturday, June 12, 2010

We have just arrived here in Halifax, thanks in most part to my dear friend Jack Daniels. I am just now waiting for the arrival of my dear friends Henry Pyle and AnneMarie. Halifax is actually pretty cool it reminds me of a smaller downtown San Fransico, only the upside is the drinking age is 18 and we can gamble....WOOOWEEEE.

Here is my agenda for the Summer

June 15 Depart for Halifax Nova Scotia
Barcelona Spain June 24-27
Naples Italy June 29-July 5
Doborovnik Croatia July 8-July 11
Athens, Santorini, Myconos Greece July 14-July 18
Istanbul Turkey July 20- July 24
Alexandria Egypt July 27-July 31
Casablanca Morocco August 7- August 10
August 21 Arrive back in Virginia

will post blogs after each country, feel free to keep in contact with me via facebook or my email

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  1. Drinking and gambling over seas! Awesome! Love you and be careful! (ps:thank God Vander Sloot is in the hands of the law now! (Peru but nonetheless!) Watch out for random angry douche bag retards! Hugs and kisses sweetie!